Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eliza Dushku Presents: Flawless

Here's Eliza Dushku as photographed Monday night. While I stopped watching Dollhouse after the fourth or fifth episode (it became too much like a 19 year old guy's sexual fantasy), I still love Eliza, who looked absolutely stunning the other night. She could do so much better than that slimeball Rick Fox.

Photos: Just Jared


  1. She looks really great there, you are right. I know not of this Rick Fox, but if he's a slimeball, yes, she could do better.

    Maybe you gave up too soon... ;-) I agree, Dollhouse was utter pants for the first few eps. But it picked up with episode 6, and got better and better. Episode 13 (largely unaired, but on the DVD set) was very good. And word has it that Fox are going to take a more hands-off approach for season 2, and let Whedon be in charge. Which gives me hope that we'll see a better show.

  2. Tania, it's the second time I hear Dollhouse has significantly improved. I might need to get the DVDs and start watching again. I'm such a Joss Whedon fan it was quite painful watching the first episodes.
    I miss Buffy ;)


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