Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lindsay Lohan At 23

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 23rd birthday last month. This is what she looked like when hosting a party at the Revolve flagship store in West Hollywood last night.


Photo: Socialite Life


  1. Last week has been simply terrible for her.

  2. The really sad part is that as long as her handlers are making money off of her, they'll keep her properly coiffed and made up when they trot her out for public appearances and they'll see that her publicity photos are photoshopped to the ninth degree. That way they can hide the truth from her--that she lives a miserable life and looks like hell.

  3. How true, Eileen, how true... :-((

  4. It wasn't that long ago she was fresh faced and beautiful in Mean Girls... not to mention the baby-faced gifted child actor in the Parent Trap.

    Her mother needs a horse whipping!!

    Yep. Sad.


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