Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmys 2009- Red Carpet Live Blogging

Blogging live. Stay tuned...

Heidi Klum in Marchesa, fresh looking makeup and an adoring husband. I think she makes Ryan Seacrest nervous, or is it Seal?

Curls! Lisa Edelstein is lovely and lively.

Elisabeth Moss is so much prettier than on Mad Men, but something is off about the hair style. One side looks too flat. I blame her fiance, Fred Armisen.

Mariska Hargitay showing some serious blue smoky eyes. I want her poise. And height.

Lots of fresh faces, very little red or plum lipstick.

Long hair, soft loose waves: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyson Hannigan, Sandra Oh. It's pretty, and I suspect a lot more comfortable than bobby pins.

Pretty colors: Kyra Sedgwick in a pink Loren Scott (with way too much going on: ruching, shoulder bow and a bejeweled neckline or something. Not to mention a pair of clashing black pumps), Vanessa Williams and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in teal/electric blue. Lidsay Price is purple. These colors photograph better than the delicate pale ones (and keep me from falling asleep).

Christina Hendricks makes me wish I were a redhead. Lots of eyelash action there, but I still like the eye makeup. She definitely stands out.

I hope Blake Lively has enough fashion tape for her red Versace gown. It's a nip slip waiting to happen.

Speaking of which, looking at Patricia Arquette from the side, I doubt she's very comfortable in that dress. It's trying to give her a mammogram.

Worst makeup of the evening: Kim Kardashian. Hard to believe she's actually a very beautiful woman. Someone should be fired for this:

Mila Kunis is gorgeous, the color of her dress is my favorite, but the length looks awkward. At least we can see the shoes.

Photos: Just Jared


  1. What the heck was going on with Kim K? The make up was just dreadful - that white eyeshadow! She's a beautiful woman, but those makeup choices are just wrong.

    You know whose work I miss on the red carpet? Kevyn Aucoin. He did natural glamour so well.

  2. Agreed about Kim K, I think the space age look is not flattering for her...!


  3. Hi there, I usually don't leave comments but this time I had to as Kim Kardashian actually looked pretty darn good right there. Take it from a man that is a fashion industry insider(a straight one at that) Kims make up was flawless and fresh & even though this specific make up job had Jeniffer Lopez written all over it (+ the big silver hoops)I still thought she looked good!

  4. Before I get to Kim, let me say that I agree 100% with you that seeing a dog, albeit an animated one, beaten to a bloody pulp was in extremely poor taste. Long after the initial laugh moment had passed, he just kept beating the dog. At that point, the audience's laughter sounded more nervous than humorous. Whoever came up with that one obviously has anger issues.

    Now, on to Kim. We all agree she's a beautiful women, but in a culture which values the beauty of large eyes, why would she want to look so squinty-eyed? The make-up application itself may have been flawless as Anon said, but it was singularly unflattering. Flattering one's beauty--isn't that the point of make-up?


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