Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hanging Out

Maybe I'm simply too old fashioned. Or maybe I've been watching too much Mad Men. It's not that I'd ever want to live in 1960s undergarments, but one can't deny they did wonders for women's figures, unlike what we've been seen lately.

When I first saw the paparazzi photos of Gwyneth Paltrow at the airport, I thought it might be a case of a frumpy camisole under some beachwear (and getting dressed in the dark). But pictures taken from the back show that the flesh-colored thing is a bra. Classy.

Blake Lively has skipped the bra altogether. Closeup photos made this absolutely clear. Classier.

And putting Jessica Simpson on a catwalk with no support was an interesting decision. She was modeling for Ozlem Suer in Paris and looked very cute- I definitely prefer High-Fashion Jessica to Country Bumpkin Jess. But a low-plunge bra or some fashion tape would have done her a world of good.

photos: Dlisted and The Supericial


  1. Oh dear!
    I agree, nobody wants to wear the old-fashioned undies. Joan in Mad Men looks incredible, but we know she's suffering for it (there was that scene where she rubs the sore place her bra has worn on her shoulder).
    But all the same, a 'sheepdog bra' - rounds 'em up and points 'em in the same direction - does help with the overall look.
    Honestly, Jessica's frontage reminds me of what happens if I wear a bra without enough support. And I'm in my fifties!
    As for Blake - oh, honey, no. Your nipples should be private....

  2. LOL, "sheepdog bra."

    As the kids say, "oh noes!" to all. OTOH, perhaps the extra sway leads to extra swag...just sayin'...

  3. BTW, your Turbulences post led to one of the few unsniffed purchases of my perfume journey. More to come on that... :)

  4. Those poor misguided souls! Usually Gweneth is described with words like classic and elegant. Slutty can now be added to the list. It's one thing to have a strap exposed when a bit harried as Gweneth appears to be, but an entire bra cup?!? I think Blake knew exactly what she was doing with this look so I'll just say there's no accounting for taste--or lack of it. The saddest picture is of Jessica. With that colorless makeup, poor lighting, and those saggy breasts, she looks like she could be my older sister and I'm 61! Poor Jessica has had the misfortune of having some really terrible photos released. Such a shame.

  5. This is one of the few times I have been happy to be an A-cup at 39.

    I wish I could go back in time and tell my 17 year old self about this moment.


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