Monday, September 14, 2009

Jennifer Connelly Caught The Red Eye

We're seeing more and more reddish eye makeup. I don't know who decided it's a good idea and why a sickly, bruised appearance is attractive. When I say the Rouge Iron palette from the Armani Eyes To Kill collection (my makeup review tomorrow will feature the more reasonable colors) I wondered who was going to use that. The answer, apparently, is Jennifer Connelly.

Photo: The Superficial


  1. I guess her breasts were going for the bulls-eye look along with the eyeshadow compact!


  2. Re: the Botega Veneta dresses: only the flat chested can wear these dresses. Anyone with a semblance of breast cannot, even if they have a gorgeous figure like Jennifer!

    I've got the Armani Eyes to Kill mascara in brown, and it's FANTASTIC! I haven't gotten the eye shadow, but it's on my list!

  3. I'm more concerned about the dress than the conjunctivitis-y eye make up. As a sci-fi nerd I don't reject the notion of Star Trek inspired clothing (fashion forward - boldly go!).

    But this makes her boobs look like a freak show.

  4. I'm happy I'm not the only one who noticed her chest... But wasn't she a flat chested girl in the past ?

  5. LOL Trish, I didn't notice the eye makeup at first, and thought the title of the post did refer to her breasts!

  6. Unfortunately, there are some celebrity stylists and make-up artists who are more intent on being avant-garde than in making their clients beautiful and interesting. It's about their need to be noticed at the expense of their hapless client. But on the other hand, shouldn't the client be confident enough to say the look is terrible and that she isn't going to wear it?

  7. I'll have to stop laughing so I can reply coherently...
    You know, I was so distracted by the bad eye makeup that I totally missed the nipple situation, despite the fact that the original post on the Superficial was actually about poor Jennifer's boobs. I guess that's why I'm a beauty blogger and not a celeb gossip writer.

  8. Eileen, you have an excellent poit- it's one thing when a young and inexperienced actress lets her stylist dictate her look, but Jennifer should know better.

  9. Count on me Gaia to take it to a base level for you :-)


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