Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three Things That Made My Weekend

1. Just looking at Dita Von Teese. This photo is from a Milan Fashion Week event, where Dita launched he new lingerie line. Personally, I'm not sure I'm into celebrity unmentionables, but then again, I do like Elle Macpherson's stuff, so I might have to give this a chance. In any case, nobody wears a red lipstick like Dita.

2. Rihanna and what looks suspiciously like a Franciscan monk. I can't stand her hair, but at least she cleaned up nicely after last week's airport style fiasco. Rihanna was in Venice this weekend for her manager's wedding, where apparently the locals don't care that the fashion police has been after her lately. Bonus picture: rocking the purple lipstick.

3. My favorite Mad Men lovelies January Jones and Elisabeth Moss. We're seeing them around more and more, and it delights my nerdy fan soul. January Jones attended Variety’s 1st Annual ‘Power of Women’ Luncheon with the likes of Anne Hathaway and Christina Applegate. Elisabeth Moss was featured on the cover of Venice magazine. Talent is a beautiful thing.

Bonus guilty pleasure item: The next Real Housewives show will be The Gay Housewives of NYC. This can't be anything but pure fun to watch. Definitely more interesting than the other reported new reality show about Tinsley Mortimer's life (and divorce). Not that there's any force in the universe that would prevent me from DVRing this crap to watch while working out. For motivation, you see.

Photos and information: Just Jared


  1. I love Dita! I loathe Twitter (sorry) but read her entries--she seems so, well, nice & funny. Love "Mad Men" desperately, too, & am so glad its actors are getting good coverage.


  2. Dita is perfection, I cannot fault her style and she really does seem like a lovely person!

  3. Elisabeth Moss..there are no words for how brilliant of an actor she is. Love that mag cover. She looks amazing. Thanks for posting!



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