Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hilary Swank- The Eyes Have It

While I think she (more likely her makeup artist) could have used a lighter hand when defining the lower lid, there's always something about Hilary Swank's look that's fresh and interesting.

Photos from this week's red carpet events for the release of Hilary's new movie, Amelia: Just Jared


  1. Not feeling it. Hilary had those lovely cognac colored eyes and that slash of fizzy blue competes rather than complements. But we're writing about it so I suppose that's the point.

  2. Although she's not a great beauty, Hilary always has such a healthy and vital glow about her. Unfortunately, the shiny light blue on her lower lids makes them look swollen and gives her a squinty-eyed look. Was the MA even thinking about how it would look under bright lights or a flash?

  3. I like this strange woman, whatever she wears on her body or face. I know, I know, she's not a a classic doll beauty - but she just has something special and she's so natural

  4. I like her too, but that shadow under her lower lashes looks silly.

  5. I like that her hair is darker, it's more flattering than when she was doing the inevitable blond thing.


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