Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Questionable Hairstyles- 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony

The 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony signals another season of red carpet events, gowns and makeup. And also some interesting hairstyles. Zooey Deschanel had a big black bow in her hair, matching the black bow on her pink dress that I guess goes with the doll-like eyelashes. I had to check and verify it was not a Halloween party, because Zooey's look was bordering on a costume.

Marisa Tomei, on the other hand, forgot to do her hair. The dress was in questionable taste, too.

Hilary Swank did the retro thing we've been seeing on some famous heads lately. I'm not sure displaying that much forehead was the best idea ever.


  1. I know the messy bun, messy curls, and messy pony tail--the operative word being messy--are popular and are supposed to project a sophisticated insouciance, but come on! These are gala events these ladies are attending; not the company picnic. Do these ladies really think they look good like that? What's wrong with looking gorgeous and glamorous for a special night out?

    As for Hilary, except for the unflattering hairstyle in this picture, she's both elegant and beautiful.

  2. Lol, you are right! Zoey's hair though wasn't too bad, but the whole outfit was too cartoonish for a real person.
    The other two... beyond words!



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