Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Courtney Cox At The TV Guide Hot List Party

I don't want to be mean because I like Courtney Cox, who other than her case of unmovable face has always seemed like a genuine person. But looking at photos from the TV Guide Hot List Party I have to wonder: at what point does it become a better idea to stop with the Botox and go for an eye lift? I'm not dissing Botox. Not at all. I've seen it done well with great, normal results. It doesn't have to be as extreme as Nicole Kidman's face, and you can bet your last La Mer jar that when I decide anti-aging creams and serums have done all they could for me, I'm heading straight to the surgeon's office and getting that line between my eyebrows smoothed out.

But here's Cortney Cox, a very beautiful woman whose face are becoming marble-like and not in a good way, but her eyelids seem to be heading south. She's only 45 and I know it's most likely a genetic thing, so when is it time to change course and go for the hardcore scalpel?

Photo: A Socialite's Life


  1. As someone who has genetic droopy eyelids (since age 22, thanks) who has seen an aunt and grandmother finally get their eyelids lifted - I'll be electing to have surgery on the lids probably BEFORE getting botox. From what I've seen, that surgery isn't very invasive, I'm surprised she hasn't had it done.

  2. And why she just can't look like 45 ??? With no neurotoxin (better known as Botox) injected, or no superfluous surgery under anesthesia.

  3. Ageed, lady jane! How about NO plastic surgery? Everyone grows older, why are we so afraid of it?

  4. Let's hear it for Lady Jane! You are so right LJ. We should be able to celebrate our years with joy and wit; not with fear and anxiety over "fading youth". I'm 61 and my goal has always been to look and feel healthy and vibrant--not to look like I'm 30 again! It must be working because most people describe me as stunning. Not bad!

  5. It's fascinating and enlightening to read the different opinions and perspectives.

    To quote my mother, "One should be able to look at the mirror, recognize the face she sees and like it. If that's not the case, it might be time to do something about it". I guess the ability to like what you see is affected by many factors, and for someone like Courtney Cox who has a Hollywood career, it includes maintaining a certain image. This is probably why she's been doing heavy Botox since her early 30s.

    I'm exactly one year and one day away from turning fourty and it's never been a secret- anyone reading this blog is most likely aware of my age. My goal is to look fabulous, not to look 25, an age no amount of money in the universe would convince me to go back to.

    Looking good while aging, to me, means fixing the things that change your expression in a negative way. Droopy eyelids tend to make you look sad and tired, which as Amy said above, is not so much a matter of age. It's something I'd correct if/when it happens. Same goes for that frown line between my eyebrows. So far my forehead is fine, but I can see where it's heading. Looking at my father whom I strongly resemble in this issue, there's no way I'd be willing to have his constant frown and look much crankier than I really am.

    On the other hand, I never fixed my nose or my chin. They stopped bothering me 20 years ago and do not prevent me from liking the face I see in the mirror or think she's quite attractive, big schnoz and all.

  6. Good for you Gaia. You sound like you've got an excellent (and very attractive) head on your shoulders. Balance and perspective is what it's all about.


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