Monday, November 30, 2009

Kate Hudson And Nicole Kidman At American Music Awards

Maybe it's just me, but all I see in this photo of Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson at the American Music Awards is the wasted potential. The dresses, the hair...
Nicole Kidman used to have the most gorgeous curly red hair in Hollywood, which makes this deflated Barbie look even more unfortunate.

Photo: The Superficial


  1. LOL, I totally agree. Red hair is so beautiful! Her dress is hideous (sorry to anyone who likes it) and her hair do is so unflattering...
    And Kate Hudson looks funny in the pic, she's pretty, and the dress is OK, but the cut is too low and makes her chest look smaller. Not good on someone who already has a small chest =/

  2. I agree, too. She used to look more natural, and relatively unique for Hollywood. Now, just another bland look-alike. Kate Hudson looks gorgeous, as always, but that dress and shoes are not flattering at all. I agree with Marce that the dress woudl seem to flatter a larger-busted girl, but she never hides her small bust, which I can appreciate. Three cheers for small boobs! :-D

  3. I also agree, however I think Kate's shoes are to die for!

  4. Dumb and Dumber--not the movie; the stylists! Poor Nicole. Her hair is so fried from all the color changes and straightening. She needs to let it go natural for awhile to get it back in shape. Her natural red curls can be glorious. As for that dress, it's just too sad for words.
    Kate fared a bit better, but her dress was so low that she had to keep pulling it back in place to cover her breasts. (No wardrobe malfunctions for our Kate!)She looked very uncomfortable. It's hard to project beauty when you're embarrassed by what you're wearing.

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth. Before I even read your text I was thinking, "God, Nicole Kidman looks like flat-hair Barbie." In a BAD way.

  6. Oh lordy I totally agree! When I saw them come on stage I shuddered. Who in their right mind thinks that Nicole's hair should be beaten into submission- her red curls were stunning, "deflated barbie" is perfect. Kate did look a bit uncomfortable, but I find she has a sense of fun & irony that helps her carry anything off. I can imagine her looking in the mirror before she came out and thinking "Oh boy...oh well what the heck". Nicole just looks waxen, unhealthy and the dress...oy.

  7. omg nicole kidman badly needs a fringe at the moment she kinda looks like a tranny. as for the usually gorge kate the words little boy come to mind ;)

  8. Am sorry, but nothing will help Kate Hudson.


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