Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beauty And Fashion At The L.A. Premiere Of 'Nine'

Sarah Silverman is someone I desperately try to like and for various reasons that start with Jimmy Kimmel and end with her fashion sense, always fail miserably. I get that some people really don't care and are unwilling to put in any effort. I have my thoughts on it, but I can respect their choice. What I really dislike is when certain people go out of their way to not look good. Sarah Silverman is usually a prime example. The above was her look for the premiere of Nine in Los Angeles. For comparison, Here's Penelope Cruz at the same event. Gorgeous, as always:

Then again, there was also Nicole Kidman defying logic, but at this point I'm about ready to give up on her:

Photos: Socialite Life


  1. I agree with you about Sara Silverman. She is a beautiful woman, and I guess I feel she should appreciate it and dress to enhance her appearance. Seeing her dressed like that is like hearing a dissonance in music. But that's just me.

    And if Nicole Kidman's face gets pulled up any higher, she's going to be a conehead. **meow, snark snark**

  2. What's happend to Nicol ? She looks scary ...

  3. Patty, I had to laugh at your comment about Nicole. Hmmm . . . do you think she's related to Joan Rivers(snark)? I'm all for self-improvement, and as we age, we certainly need a bit more maintenance, but she's lost the mobility of her facial features that is so important to an actress portraying myriad emotions. Her hair; her face--it's really too sad to see such self-inflicted grotesquerie.


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