Thursday, December 03, 2009

Inner Beauty

There's something about Reese Witherspoon. Even if you're not crazy about the girl-next-door/rom-com look, she radiates a certain kind of charm and sanity we don't see in Hollywood too often. I don't think I've ever seen her wearing anything that would cause embarrassment to her kids, and Frances Bean Cobain could tell you, this is a very good thing.

Seen here in a UK charity event, Reese looks lovely in a red dress that doesn't steal the show from the very worthy cause, raising awareness about domestic violence.


  1. I have to agree. Both Reese & Anne Hathaway seem to be very grounded people. More celebs could learn from their conduct.

  2. Yep, I agree - she is a classy woman. Not a stunner, but she looks so naturally pretty and doesn't ever look bad or make bad choices. I think she must be really nice, too.

  3. Yes ! She is in the same group for me as Hilary Swank (and there are only one or two more in there...): sane thinking women in Hollywood. And (also) therefore I think they're both beautyful.

  4. I'd like to mention Jodie Foster as someone with a great deal of inner beauty, as well as the outer variety.


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