Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jessica Simpson- Fresh Face, Green Nails

I've always wanted to give Jessica Simpson a makeover (and a reading list) and do away with the heavy black eyeliner. This photo of Jessica with little-to-no makeup shows I was probably right. She looks vulnerable, approachable and prettier than we've seen her lately. While her face is fresh and bare, look at her holiday green manicure. I rarely wear green polish, but I like this color. The photo isn't clear enough to tell for sure, but I'd attempt a guess that it could be Recycle from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Jessica Simpson from Just Jared
Nail polish:


  1. Wow, she looks so...real. And way prettier than she does done up to the nines. Why would anyone tart themselves up when they look like this? Stay as you are, Jessica!

  2. There was a photo of Lindsay Lohan floating around about a week ago of her with no makeup...she not only looked her actual age (instead of looking like a younger version of Donatella Versace) but much better! She didn't have that awful fake tan and you could see her lovely freckled skin.

  3. Now if she'd only do something about those dark roots!


  4. I've never seen her look so pretty.

  5. I often forget that she is actually young (under 30) because her makeup makes her look so old.

    The green polish could also be Zoya Envy . I think I'm inspired to put it on now!


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