Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nicole Kidman Shows Her Human Face

After a string of unflattering red carpet photos (not to mention the night she went crazy with some brightening product), a series of paparazzi pictures taken in Australia shows Nicole looking better than we've seen her in ages. I love the retro feel of her outfit and the non-ironed hair. It's good to be reminded that Nicole Kidman is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Photo: Socialite Life


  1. The picture of Nicole with the powder was removed, but I think it was the fault of the product- it was something something HDTV whatever that was made for filming in that format to give a smooth appearance on camera, but would read as white in flash photography. There were a couple of celebs caught looking they had snorted baking powder while poor Joan Van Ark looked like she'd been dipped in cake batter.

    I've stood two feet from Miss Van Ark more than once at Bristol Farms while we were both buying take-out and in person she looks 40, tops. Oh, and she's really, really nice.

  2. Joan Van Ark has done plastic surgery to her face and she looks horrid! What you see is what you get with her; she looks like she's 95 years old and that's insulting a 95 year old! J. Van Ark has looked old for 30 years now.


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