Monday, January 04, 2010

Eva Longoria- Two Makeup Looks

There's no time like New Year's Eve to go all out there with makeup and wear something bold. Eva Longoria chose eye makeup in cool tones with a silvery shimmer. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this look, though, as it's a bit too harsh. Eva is a shade or two darker than me but our skin undertones are close, and I often find that certain silver and lavender eye shadows need more blending and a careful pairing with softer colors in order to work on me.

In any case, Eva Longoria's New Year's Eve look can be achieved using Paul & Joe's Mesmerize holiday palette and probably also a touch of their silver Eye Gloss. And quite a bit of false eyelashes, most likely.

I much prefer Eva's look from a few weeks ago. Her hair also looks fabulous:
Both photos: Just Jared


  1. I completely agree. In fact, I find that sort of cool shimmer ages her.

    I'm very leary of shimmer in general. I like a soft glow but as I get older, too much sparkle makes me look older than I actually am.

  2. The problem with her make-up is that the shadows are way too light and cool for her skin tone. They reflect the light and look flat rather than like a glow from within. Eva would look stunning in blue/silver, but she needs more depth. I know some MAs say that any woman can wear any color, but in the words of the song, "It ain't necessarily so."

  3. If you're going to go for that level of eye makeup I think you should groom your brows..

    You don't have to go full-on Crawford, but some clear brow gel and a brush would be nice...

  4. Ditto, the second look is much more attractive.

  5. I completley disagree with these comments. I think that Eva's eye makeup is amazing, it is so nice to see her wearing some color for once. that's half the fun of wearing makeup, trying something new. I'm so tired of the nude eye/ lip look, its boring.


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