Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010- Final Words

I spent the morning sifting through dozens of PR and marketing emails offering us the scoop on how to get the red carpet look of the stars. Not surprisingly, no one claimed responsibilty for Mariah Carey or Giuliana Rancic. There was also no explanation how Tom Ford allowed Julianne Moore to walk the red carpet in that godawful Balenciaga dress. Honestly, I'm all Globed-out. Between live blogging the red carpet, which exposed me to an overdose of the shameless trio, Seacrest-Rancic-Manuel, and the Twitter slumber party (hundreds of bloggers sitting in our pajamas and giggling about Jon Hamm), I've had enough. But if I had to come up with some final words, here we go- 

My personal favorites were Courtney Cox for her hair, makeup and earrings, Jennifer Gardner for overall style and attitude, Kristen Bell because she's gorgeous and Julianna Margulies because she is lovely and deserved to win. The one dress I would have liked to own was Julia Roberts' vintage YSL, because it is so wearable and comfortable. Julia was probably the only star who could walk easily and yet looked ravishing (I still don't like the blond, though).

Tina Fey is usually criticized for too boring and safe red carpet choices. This time she took a risk with the weird Zac Posen dress. We're still not happy. 

Color-wise, everything goes. We've seen every shade of purple, blush and the eternal black and white. Drew Barrymore had aliens growing out of her hip and shoulder, Rita Wilson proved that flowers are never a good idea on the red carpet and Jenna Fischer was once again a disaster (but we didn't expect anything less from her).

I liked most of the makeup I saw. The lip-eye balance has mostly been restored and we no longer see stars with hollowed eyes and dead lips. It's all good. The rain stood in the way of really good hair, but we saw January Jones and Carey Mulligan prove that headbands can be red carpet accessories.

George Clooney still needs to shave.

Photos: Socialite Life and Just Jared


  1. Nice wrap up G! I too liked Julia Roberts' dress but I just find her unbearable on the awards stage. When she told her kids to go to bed just before announcing the winners was too much.

    It's always about her, when it should be about the winner. Ugh.

    She did that too the year Denzel won the Oscar. She said something like, "and the oscar goes to MY good friend Denzel Washington. It's too much.

  2. I found the hip thing on Drew Barrymore's dress horribly distracting. Mariah Carey - oy. Sophia Loren looked gorgeous. George really does need to shave.

    Excellent round up, and thank you so much for the spot on your blogroll, by the way.

  3. Aliens? I thought they were Armadillos. Bedazzled Armadillos.

  4. Incredible post...and soo quick!

  5. What was that huge gong doing on Julia Roberts and the dress was yuk in my opinion. I agree with Scent Hive's comment. Andy Maria Carey...too much flesh for one lifetime.


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