Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mila Kunis Makes A Makeup Mistake

Or, most likely, her makeup artist did.

There's no doubt that Mila Kunis is gorgeous and her eyes are among the most beautiful in showbiz. But when you pile on the paint (concealer, highlighter, eyeliner and who knows what else) under the bottom lashes it gets into every nook and cranny in the delicate under-eye area. The makeup creases there giving you lines you never knew you had. Not a good look and something to remember especially when you're going to have your photo taken throughout the night (which is exactly when one is tempted to use the entire beauty arsenal).

Photo of Mila Kunis at the Premiere of The Book Of Eli in Hollywood, on January 11th from Socialite Life.


  1. She is indeed gorgeous. I just couldn't figure out what, exactly, was wrong with this particular look. I think there is a bit too much mascara on the top lashes as well.

  2. In addition to the make-up melt down, the lighting is wrong. It's coming from slightly above her so it's casting some very unflattering shadows. Even a child would look like she had bags under her eyes in lighting like that.

  3. Are you people insane? Nothing wrong with her look AT ALL. Envy is so ugly.

  4. Hi there, She has bulging protruding eyes which is why she has that loose skin under her eye.
    It is very apparant in pictures of her when she was younger without makeup. The dark colours she uses disguises much of the protruding eyeball look which is much better. Mary

  5. She's normally stunning (and still is despite this makeup blunder), but the way her artist did this makeup just makes her look EXHAUSTED. Maybe if it was cleaned up a bit, you could see those gorgeous eyes. She actually has two slightly different eye colors - one's green and one's brown. It's hardly noticeable on her, but still kinda cool!

  6. I think she is beautiful. I am slightly disappointed in the eyebrow shape? Anyone else? The left brow in particular is uneven and patchy.


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