Thursday, February 04, 2010


1. smell like Kim Kardashian. No way, no how.

2. Britney Spears' fashion sense. Or hair.

3. Coral makeup. Sorry, Bobbi Brown. Notice that the new Cabana Coral range doesn't have a photo of a model actually wearing this stuff.

4. Light Denim. According to the newsletter from Paperlime, it's the new black. Just say no.

5. Katy Perry's bangs.


  1. Lol, I don't want to smell like Kim Kardashian either (nor Britney, Maria, Christina, Halle...whichever Hollywood woman with her own perfume line...)

    But then I actually kind of like coral makeup (as my collection is full of fuchsia...) especially the one show up in the SS 2010 Chanel haute couture...It's called Genial I think?

  2. Celebrity perfume is just another example of vanity endorsements: "I'm so beautiful and my life is so exciting that, of course, you'll want to smell just like me!" Oh well, at least Kim's layout isn't as bizarre as the ones Paris Hilton has done.

    Personally, I love a bit of coral during the summer. I thought the silver/gray and coral look that Chanel recently sent down the runway was absolutely gorgeous. Citrine won't be the only one on the look out for Rouge Allure in Genial. Obviously, coral won't be to everyone's liking, but that's what makes the various color collections so much fun. As they'd say at Chanel, "Chacun a son goût."

  3. haha awesome post! I do love corals though hehe

  4. I wouldn't want Katy's bangs, either (or her boyfriend, come to that..) But I wish I had her bangin' body!

    Coral? Yikes. I'm waaaay too pale for that.

  5. I agree on all counts. I can admire coral from afar, but no way would it work on my skin tone. Us cool skin types just don't rock it very well.

  6. LOL, I could have written this list myself! Well said! :-)

    HAHAHA - my word verification is "UNGADDLY" - perfect!!


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