Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jessica Alba- Valetine's Day London Premiere

Jessica Alba's entire outfit looks like she has raided Molly Ringwald's closet circa 1985. There's also something off about the makeup- probably just too much of it and the style clashes with the dress. But no matter how many fashion disasters per inch you could find on her, she's still radiant and gorgeous. Just imagine how she would look with a better stylist and a makeup artist who owns a good blending brush.

Photos: The Superficial


  1. Her makeup is pretty but what is happening below her neck?

  2. The problems with the makeup is that:
    a. It's way too much
    b. The clash of undertones. They eyes have yellow-based shadows, the lips have a blue-based lippie. Totally off.

  3. Her makeup is off because her forehead is darker than the rest of her face


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