Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helena Bonham Carter In Paris

You have to admire Helena Bonham Carter. If I were the one accompanying my husband to a ceremony where he's about to be awarded the French Order Of Arts And Letters in Paris, knowing that Marion Cotillard would also be there, getting the same honor, I would:
a. Freak out
b. Spend three days fretting about what to wear
c. End up wearing black from head to toe, just to be safe.

Not Helena. She's doing her own thing, looking like herself and doesn't care what we or Marion think. I adore her.

Photos: Dlisted


  1. I love her; I love how she hasn't Hollywooded herself into unrecognisability - spell check is telling me that isn't a word, but whatever ;)

    I also very much like the lipstick she's wearing, I wonder what it is.

  2. She looks very much like herself and she's confident so she can pull off the messy hair look... her husband on the other hand... I do wish he would brush his hair and invest in a tailor (his coat arms are very long). I am indeed being picky but I think when you're going to an important ceremony the messy hair should at least be on purpose... with his I can't tell. :/

  3. ...and she still looks beautiful

  4. yep. totally agree. plus, great skin and dewy makeup! she looks fantastic here.


  5. I think she looks amazing, as usual. I love how HElena is unique and always herself, without caring what other people think of her. She looks beautiful and stunning, as usual. <3 you, Helena!

  6. She looks SO much better than Ms Cotillard, Good Taste is so overrated! I would do the same two first things as you, and work my way through the black but come out somewhere on the other side, who knows where!


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