Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Note to self: Try this look for next transatlantic flight

And also: Must buy new luggage.
The chipped nail polish on her thumb is the only proof Dita Von Teese is actually flesh and blood.

Photo of Dita Von Teese arriving at LAX: Just Jared


  1. I wonder which brand of foundation she wears?? I'm always looking for something to match my winter...pallor. Her skin looks like porcelain.

    I'm also curious about what's in her luggage--it seems like one of those pet carry-on cases.

  2. um, i wish that were a chip... but it looks like a gleam to me. so, she's really not human after all!

    she does look great, doesn't she? i like her with less eye makeup - it makes her look softer and prettier.

    great coat, too.


  3. Yes yes yes, she is "very" put together but then when you make deals with the devil........hmmmmm
    Just sayin'. ;)

  4. I agree with Minette-

    I think the "chip" is deliberate.

    The photo reminds me of the line in "Will & Grace" where Grace meets the designer played by Joan Collins "I can't afford Louis Vuitton and her dog poops in it"

  5. Dita really is divine...in every sense of the word. This is perfection.

  6. If I saw a woman at the grocery store sartorially obstinate in her garb and cosmetics from her glory days in yesteryear, she would be labelled dated.

    But Miss Von Tease, is a style icon? She doesn't look as costumed in this pic, but I would love to see her in this year's Chanel.

  7. Seeing Dita's skin makes me wish I hadn't sunbathed with baby oil and iodine with wild abandon (in Florida, no less.... WHAT was I thinking?).
    Her skin is lovely. I wonder what lipstick she's wearing?

  8. She is always perfectly groomed, I admire her discipline, her taste is immaculate, I have never seen a photo where something isn't perfect until your post haha, I love those glasses she is wearing, my guess would be Cartier.

  9. She is wonderful. I have read that in an interview she said that she frequently wore Mac's Russian Red lipstick with Cherry lipliner.


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