Tuesday, May 04, 2010

From the Costume Institute Gala at the Met

I had no plans to blog about last night's Costume Institute Gala at the Met, but then I saw the photos. It's actually an interesting event as far as red carpets go, because the focus is really on fashion and the attendees tend to take more risk than during award show season. Some of them shouldn't.

Behold Tina Fey and her pleated jumpsuit:

Katy Perry and her Thomas Kinkade dress:

Chloe Sevigny:

Whoever did this to Christina Hendricks and January Jones should be fired:

And because I just looked at photos of Donatella Versace and need to cleanse my palette, here are some of the true beauty and style icons. The established ones and those forming right in front of us:

Photos: Dlisted,Faded Youth Blog and Socialite Life


  1. Thank you for the report, I think SJP might be wearing Nars concealer under her eyes - mine creases into lines in exactly the same way :-)

  2. That's the best dress SJP has chosen in a long time.

    And I'm loving Nicole Richie's dark hair. She looks amazing!

  3. so. is chloe s. doing some hipster thing where it looks like she accidentally/on purpose wore the wrong bra under her dress?

    nicole did a wonderful thing by going to her natural(-ish)color. and everything she has worn for the past 6 months has looked so great! she just looks glamorous and yet somewhat natural. i never thought i would be gushing about nicole richie, but there you have it.

    i think sjp has gone a little overboard with the nude look, though. just a little bit of color somewhere else on her face would bring some life to it.

    oh, but really, like i have room to comment on any of these lovely women.lol.


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