Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jessica Simpson Wearing A Victoria Beckham Dress

And it shows.

The dresses from Victoria Beckham's line are quite nice, but many of them seem to be designed and tailored for Posh's own body type. Jessica is beautiful from her collarbone up, but her poor boobs don't seem all that happy to be squished like that. The apron thing on the lower half was not a good idea, either.

Photo: Just Jared


  1. Poor Jess is right! The dress is designed to give the illusion of curves to someone who doesn't have any. Since curves is something the lovely Jessica has in abundance, this dress is just plain wrong. I hope she gets a better stylist or learns to say no to things that aren't meant for her body type.

  2. It's not a good match for her, is it? Shame, because the hair and make-up are looking very nice in this picture, and she has a cracking figure.

  3. She looks so uncomfortable, poor Jess. Is her stylist angry with her? The "mom jeans" were worse, but not by much :(

  4. Bad fit. Bad bad fit. This dress would look good on a stick.

  5. she could just go up a size or two and make it at least fit. then maybe she'd be more likely to stand up straight.

    an aside: what is it with so many of these women? their posture is just horrible - most often when they're wearing strapless dresses!

    but even in her size, this dress wouldn't be best for her figure. the dress's premise is angular. her figure is curvy. sometimes juxtapositioning works. this time it doesn't.

    at least she isn't wearing those darned beige platform pumps with it. she seemed to be wearing those with everything.



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