Friday, May 28, 2010


This is a screen shot from Lindsay Lohan's official Twitter page (it's a verified account,  not a prank).


  1. this is funny on more than one level. i mean, when has she ever worn a "chic" dress? the last one had what appeared to be a hand-ripped hem. trendy maybe. chic, non.

    she should just stick with her leggings. maybe she can pull them down far enough to cover the bracelet.


  2. re: her tweet for "scram stickers". . . .

    i don't even know what this sentence means. it's like a foreign language to me.

    i am obviously not in the target demo-- on so many levels.

  3. Isn't her scram bracelet the substance abuse monitoring bracelet that the judge in LA just recently ordered her to wear? If so, it shows you how seriously (not!) Lohan regards her self-inflicted legal woes.

  4. I think what she had in mind were these tacky temporary tattoos Chanel launched earlier this year- basically those were stickers of iconic Chanel motifs like the interwining Cs, a camelia and a couple of others. I doubt Uncle Karl had SCRAM bracelets in mind when he approved the idea.

  5. ahhh, now I see why I didn't understand anything!

    1) Chanel "stickers"
    2) SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet
    3) via Twitter


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