Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Will Save Lindsay Lohan?

I'm not the only blogger who has a folder names Lindsay Lohan with saved  links and photos just in case something happens and I need to post quickly. For reference, I don't have a similar one for 84 year old Queen Elizabeth II.

The latest news from L.A. is that Lindsay has already posted a $10,000 bail to avoid an airport arrest and guarantee her court appearance on Monday for a probation violation hearing. I guess the Cannes party appearances have paid for themselves. But this latest bout of irresponsibility makes me think that maybe Michael Lohan, as sleazy as he is, should stop threatening and actually pull a Jamie Spears. It's obviously not something we can hope Dina Lohan, enabler extraordinaire, would ever be able to do. After all, it's not that Mr. Spears was the best role model before he made the best career move of his life to become the person making sure Britney doesn't leave the house without wearing panties (getting her to wear a bra has proven more challenging than expected). All kidding aside, Britney Spears probably owes still being alive to her dad.

Six or seven years ago Lindsay was so lovely and radiating with potential. I'm thinking about other teen actresses who never became a public trainwreck- Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Watson, to name a few. I don't know if she was predisposed to self destruction and addiction, or it was simply lack of parenting (remember she was allowed to date slimeball Wilmer Valderrama, six years her senior when she was underage, her parents concern was only to keep it a secret from the Disney suits until she turned 18). In any case, someone should better  intervene before Lindsay joins the big party in the sky, hosted by DJ AM.

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