Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Celebs dealing with the heat

It's been unseasonably hot and humid here the last few days. It usually means no big fashion statements as everyone tries to keep cool and not melt. I've been wearing little summer dresses  (a-line shaped that don't cling too much), light flowy scarves that play double duty: protecting my cleavage from the sun and a quick cover-up when entering heavy a/c areas.  I'm also wearing straw hats and twisting my hair into a messy bun with a few renegade curls that pop out of it. It's all about surviving the heat with some dignity intact.

Celebs are facing the same weather. Who's nailed it? Who do you think missed?
What are you wearing in this weather?

Whitney Port- long braid, short jumpers:

Anne Hathaway- side ponytail, strapless dress:

January Jones- hat, black and white

Celeb photos: Just Jared, Socialite Life, Faded Youth Blog
Bette Davis and Joan Blondell:


  1. they all look cute, but what odd proportions ms. jones has. she looks like parts assembled from several different bodies, with strangely short shin bones.

    at least ms. hathaway isn't slouching as much as she usually does when she wears a strapless dress. she usually has a concave chest. hard to do, since she has a good shape.

    it's hot here, too (houston), and i've turned to looser blouses and linen trousers and flowing skirts. i work in crazy-cold air conditioning, so can't go too bare.

    mostly, i play the turtle and stay inside. my cats, on the other hand, love to soak up the sun, then come in and cool off on the tile. don't know how they stand it in their fur coats.


  2. I think January Jones' asymmetrical hemline and horrible sandals shorten her legs- bad look. The hat is nice idea but wrong, dress & hat all clash. Fail.

    Whitney Port is so adorable in that romper and I love her braid! Sandals are simple & also work. I think that romper is easily wearable by perhaps even a relatively fit over 40 year old *wishes*

    Anne Hathaway- also lovely. Hard to go wrong in a simple strapless floral dress.

    What I love about all of these ladies is their beautiful porcelain skin. Nice.


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