Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Give Tori Spelling A Makeover

I just spent the last two minutes engaged in one of my favorite mental exercises from the early 90s: giving Tori Spelling an imaginary makeover. I mean, she has pretty eyes and some nice cheek bones, so why has she always insisted on harsh colors and lines?

Other than making her eat some lasagna*, what would you recommend for poor Tori?

Photo: Socialite Life

Utterly unrelated to Tori, but was I the only one horrified by Crown Princess Letizia of Spain's emaciated look last weekend? She's barely recognizable in this closeup.


  1. If you catch her in old 90210 episodes, she really looks better with wavy, dirty blond hair. This harsh bleached look isn't my favorite. So, I'd soften up her hair and her makeup to make her look more natural and feminine. And give her a pie. A couple of pounds would probably also make her face appear less harsh.

  2. Tamara JacksonJune 22, 2010 7:34 PM

    I like Tori but yes I want to feed her , I'd start with a In&Out doubledouble animal style and a milkshake with fries-
    But I sound mean saying that! L.A. is right though , filling out her face would make it seem less old and haggard. (ouch THAT was mean)
    My mama always said there's two types of aging for women.
    Either you keep the youthful body and your face takes the brunt of it OR you keep a couple pounds on and the softness in your features. I try to stay fit but I will never turn down pie-
    Mmmmmmm , now I'm hungry :0)
    Truly, Tamara Jackson

  3. that shot scared me the first time, so i came back later to see if it still scared me. less so the second time, but i never know what to do with this girl. she's not exactly pretty - looking as she does like her dad - but she doesn't do herself any favors, either. i think i would vote for more natural coloring - in her hair and makeup - to make her skin look prettier. the pinks and cooler tones look harsh on her, as does the high blonde. again, dunno. she has big eyes in a too-narrow face, so some of what i don't appreciate about her look is structural. i'd have to think hard to come up with a hair style that flatters her more.

    don't want to spend that many brain cells on her, sorry.


  4. i think it is a matter of knowing how to transition as one gets older.
    i think many women are surprised once they hit mid 30's that what they used to do to 'stay hot' or at least 'look good' does not work anymore ...i.e. being ridiculously thin and that kind of bold hair/make up that some people think is glamorous and sophisticated ..without taking into account the changes ones face and body are going through.

    like everyone said, she needs to work with what she has. less ends up being more, and natural and softer based on ones features is the way to go as one gets older.

  5. I don't know, her face always seemed like parts of a mismatched puzzle. They just don't fit together. A softer makeup might lessen that impression. I hope.

  6. I'd love to see her pre-nose job(s) and whatever other work she's has done on her face. I agree with E, the parts of her face just don't meld naturally.

    But in all honesty, I don't think this look is so bad.

  7. I think she looks good platinum. Her lipstick should be a bit softer but if that was the mood she was in, why not. She looks fine. I don't know why people don't like platinum blondes...she can wear it.


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