Thursday, June 10, 2010

Katherine Heigl's Retro Hairstyle

Katherine Heigl is no Sophia Loren and I  might be the only person in the world who likes this brunette retro look on her. I can't help it- it's such an improvement from her over-bleached, over-oranged and more than slightly high-strung appearance.

Photos of Katherine Heigl: Dlisted
Sophia Loren on the cover of Tempo magazine, 1958: Silverbluestar on Flickr


  1. I think Heigl looks great both blonde and brunette. She is far prettier than Loren in my opinion.

  2. I agree with you...she looks amazing in this hair color...but she is no Sophia Loren!!

  3. i like it better than the harsh bleached blonde, too. but there is still something about it that i don't like, and i can't quite put my finger on it. i'm not sure it's the most flattering style for her. it kinda points out how normal-looking she is, rather than making her stand out. i mean, now she looks like someone you might see around your hometown. the glamour is gone. oooh, and i just had a thought. it makes her look like a b-list starlet from the 40s - pretty, but not someone who transcends the lens and makes us think she's a star.


  4. I think she looks great as a brunette. And I love the outfit, too. It shows off her curves and looks feminine and classy. (Ah, there's the Sophia Loren thread.)

    I'm becoming very fond of Ms Heigl, she seems to be a decent gal.

  5. Agreed. And the dress? The shoes? * W A N T S *

    Ken- prettier than Loren??? Nevah!

  6. She's a beautiful woman no matter the hair color, but I agree with Anonymous that there is something a bit off about the new look. The hair style reminds me of "mall hair" and she looks a bit washed out--like she hasn't adjusted her make-up to account for the darker frame that the hair makes. Perhaps she just needs a bit of time to settle into her new look.

  7. She is lovely but the whole look is just slightly 'off'. There's no shine to the hair and Minette described perfectly the resulting effect. I also think it's the dress. Those sleeves are weird on that dress, imo. Had it been sleeveless or a longer sleeve it would've been way more elegant. I don't want to go into Fug Territory here but I think she's got about 4 different looks fighting with each other, from head to toe.

    Oooh! I think know what it is! She is wearing Loren's CURRENT hair! Except La Loren is, what? 70+?

    xo A


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