Monday, June 28, 2010

One Good Thing About...

...Lady Gaga- Her taste in lingerie.

...the vampire craze- Maybe it will make Joss Whedon bring Buffy back. Properly. With the original cast and Willy The Snitch.

...the weather- My skin feels happy.

...gossip blogs- Creeps like Mel Gibson, Chris Brown and others  can't hide. Or keep their fans.

Photo: Socialite Life

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  1. I can see how this tropical rain forest humidity we have on the east coast (assuming this is what you're referring to?) would be good for your dry skin. It makes me a little jeal.

    Me? I am 1) melting 2) clog-city. I am fighting back and seem to be winning (today) but it's an uphill battle through September. This is why I wanted to get married in October.

    I'm waiting for my special Mario Badescu skin renewal kit from Nordstrom which has the Glycolic Foaming cleanser in it. That plus my Clarisonic and Silver Powder (3x/week) are vital to my arsenal.

    But secretly: I kinda enjoy the intense skin care regime. It's FUN :-)


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