Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gwen Stefani Reinvents Jeans

If this is the newest thing from L.A.M.B. and certain young people are going to start wearing diaper jeans then we're in for an interesting fashion season. No one, not even Gwen Stefani, can pull of this look. If you have drapy fabric hanging between your legs you're going to look ridiculous, not hot. And pleated jeans are never ever a good idea. Just look at your 80s photos and remind yourself why (hint: they go so well with a Bill Cosby sweater).

Photo: Dlisted


  1. There was something very similar in my high school (small town Ontario, circa. 1986 maybe). Old denim, really large, taken in from ankle to knee with safety pins along the seam and held up with a belt. It's like remembering being part of an alien race once.

  2. Ugh....salwar kameez attire in denim...just kill me now!
    It's bad enough I see women in my own city wearing salwars in cotton and linen like they stepped out of the harem, just because it's summer and everything goes.
    Gwen usually dresses better than that.

  3. As long as she has red lipstick... :)

  4. I LOVE Gwen - hearts all around. Yet, I cannot give her a pass for this one. She looks like she needs a "freshie" - what my husband and I say to our 2yr old daughter when she needs a clean diaper.

  5. Oh dear, those are very Bozo the Clown.

  6. oh dear. even gwen is a fashion victim on occasion.

    and, yes, those baggy jeans oftentimes with pleats and bill cosby sweaters. the horror!

    on a tangentially related note, i'm going to see cyndi lauper in concert next month and am thrilled :0)

  7. Now that's just silly.

  8. I can see maybe a silky variation on a harem pant...but the location of the crotch of the pants is key....no droopy diapers! Yuck.

    I love Gwen too, but in this case it's like she has lost touch with fashion reality.


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