Friday, July 09, 2010

What happens when Christina Aguilera takes off her makeup?

...She turns into an Olsen Twin.
It's probably because of the baggy clothes and sunglasses, but really, Christina is barely recognizable without all the unnecessary extra paint. I like her and wish she'd find a medium between Lady Gaga and a total frump. She's too pretty for her own image.

Photo: Faded Youth Blog


  1. She really does look like an Olsen twin! Or maybe it's just the hat and the starbucks...

  2. My goodness, she looks like...the rest of us! Seriously, maybe she should come out from hiding behind the sunglasses, fedora, and baggy sweater and just try being herself. What a responsibility to have to tart yourself up 24/7.

    On another subject, what's up with everyone (celebrities and the hoi polloi) walking around with Starbucks cups permanently attached to their hands? Does everyone really need to be caffeinated 100% of the time?

  3. Wow, here in Israel every 4th woman has sunglasses like she does.


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