Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmys 2010 Live Blogging The Red Carpet

I was close to giving up on live blogging the Emmys red carpet. Between being semi high on DayQuil for an ultra-wicked cold and watching Ryan Seacrest trying to interview the Jersey Shore people, I was ready to doze off with the sound of little Sophie purring in my lap. Seriously, what could I possibly say when after a brief exposure to Snooki I start thinking Kim Kardashian is one of the classier looking women out there?

But then some trends started to emerge, I saw Lauren Graham in a gorgeous Yigal Azrouel gown that had all the magic of old Hollywood and the Mad Men ladies dropped the ball so spectacularly that I actually found a thing or two to say.

So back to Kim Kardashian, who really looked stunning. Both the dress (Marchesa) and her hair and makeup are a serious upgrade from what we see from her too often.

Lauren Graham plays an insufferable character on Parenthood, which is probably not very easy. Her red carpet appearances are usually great and this dress is no different. It's the hair that I'm not really loving. There's so much great hair tonight, whoever worked on Lauren could have done better.

**Did I just hear Giulianna Rancic telling Dianna Agron from Glee that she's not big enough a star to not talk about her personal life? Can someone please slap this woman for me?**

Back to hair, there are some clear trends all on the soft side- soft wavy updos, pony tails that aren't pulled back too tightly and natural soft waves (from experience, I can tell you that some of us need about 4 hours of work to get that "natural").

Two people had cleavage issues: Seal and Christina Hendricks. Seal can only blame himself (and maybe Heidi) for not buttoning up, Christina was camera-abused by the director in that juvenile move. Ugh. Then there was her hair, which can only be described as a mess. And was it my TV screen or did she have something stuck in her teeth when she arrived?

Another Mad Men mess was January Jones and the blue Versace dress on its stiff crinoline, uneven length and those little ramekins at the front. What was that all about?

And wasn't the opening act the best one ever?

Photos: Faded Youth Blog and Just Jared

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  1. Personally, this year's Emmy show was a real snooze. The program itself was ho-hum and the fashion, hair, and make-up was, for the most part, uninspired and unflattering.


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