Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Julie Benz Facing The Critics

Julie Benz has a new show coming this fall. She attended the ABC Television Critics Association Panel after-party looking as gorgeous as they come. I like this makeup look, because it's deceivingly simple and is really all about enhancing the pretty- healthy skin, natural lips and beautiful eyes without trying to look too natural. We can all adapt the colors in a way that would work for us- I have a hard time pulling off cool silver like Julie is wearing all around her eyes, but maybe a gold or bronze version or a shimmery khaki.

Photo: Just Jared


  1. I followed her on Twitter for awhile. She struck me as someone who would be fun to get to know. A real sweetie - and yes, her makeup looks fab!

  2. This is, indeed, a beautiful look. It's refreshing to see a celebrity who hasn't succumbed to make-up over-load for an event. She looks bright and carefree and radiates good health. If I were at a party with this lady, I'd definitely want to hang around in her orbit. She looks like a friendly and fun kind of gal.

  3. Hi Gaia,

    Though she looks "natural", her look does not deliver any personality, she looks pretty "flat". Also, I don't understand who's idea was to make a black pencil around her eyes, it looks harsh and doesn't go well with her coloring.


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