Monday, September 06, 2010

Eva Longoria Parker At Her New Perfume Launch

I think I've been staring at this photo of Eva Longoria Parker for too long. I really liked the makeup initially, but now I'm starting to see unblended areas around her eyes and it's making me want to go after her with a good brush. Am I going crazy? Are you going to try her new perfume?

Photo: Dlisted


  1. You are right, Gaia, she looks great, but, without even looking at this photo for very long, I notice odd patches of pearl shadow near the inner corners of her eyes.

    Nothing against ELP, but I've no plans to try this perfume - saving my time and skin for niche and vintage!

  2. Atfirst I couldn't see any blending issues - that was because I was reading your post on my Blackberry. Can you say - duh?
    I can't even type in a simple message without my reading glasses, so examining a face that is less than an inch high isn't exactly providing me with the best resolution. Even when I put my glasses on it was pretty hopeless.

    If anyone had explained to me the many humiliating infirmities of getting older (and by "older" I mean upwards of 40)I would taken myself out of the game much earlier, like say at 35 when I stilled weighed less than some of the "stars" on the wrestling channel.

    Ironically, I just checked Wikipedia, and it turns out Eva of the Uneven happens to be 35. Girl, it's all downhill from here.

    Anyway, I do digress... what I wanted to say is that while her face paint might be streaked, it was her eyes that I was drawn to. They are so doe-like, limpid and, well, large. This, coming from a person who has small, beady, close-set eyes. I know this is true because a real peach of a SA at Lord & Taylor once told me this when I was about 16. At the time I weighed all of 97 lbs., so how small and beady could my eyes have been? I can understand that they might appear that way now due to
    some corn-fed bovine weight gain virus I must have picked up right around the time I was pregnant with my two little angels (cough, cough).
    I had gone to the mall in my then home region of the Chicago suburbs in search of some eyeliner pencil and the SA just burst out in a Tourette's-like way stating verbatim, "Oh, I would never line my lower lid area. You have such small, beady eyes it will only make them look smaller". You can bet your arse I didn't buy squat from that SA, and if I hadn't been so young and naive, I would have found a way to have gotten her canned. Now that I'm a middle-aged virago, I've gotten good at dealing with these minor irritations. But, anyway, yes, Eva does have lovely eyes. It's too bad I never will. Such is life. Darn.

  3. No, Gaia, I have no intention what so ever to try her new perfume. If the perfume is named after a person, it better be named by someone who inspires me, which I find it very difficult to say regarding Eva Longoria...

  4. I usually like Eva's makeup, but this look is awkward because of the color story, it's just a bit too orangy for her complexion (at least to me), and it does seem like it could be blended better.

    I like to try celebrity scents to see if it is good or not, but as a rule, I don't get my hopes up if they begin with "I don't wear scent" or "I have allergies to scent" blah blah.

    My favorite celebrity scents are from ladies who have lived and have some personality, such as Cher's Uninhibited or Catherine Deneuve's signature scent.

    To me, those fragrances seem like they contain a bit of the star's personality and scent preferences, and didn't have suits from LVMH adding their two cents to the mix..........

  5. I likewise am unlikely to try her scent, as I have too many other niche perfumes I would rather amount of time and test space. However, I'm a lover of perfume and if it takes someone buying Eva's perfume to get involved (and then evolve), terrific!

  6. I'm more bothered by the very orange bronzer that makes the rest of her look a little anemic. I love pale, but it doesn't quite work here, somehow.


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