Monday, September 27, 2010

Kim Kardashian And Christina Aguilera Have Something In common

Questionable-looking eyebrows.

I'm not even going to start on Christina's orange skin or Kim's overuse of furry animals as eyelash supplements. It's their eyebrows that make me raise mine. Both showed up for the LACMA red carpet sporting too light eyebrows. In Christina's case it's obviously intentional, while Kim's look like someone has forgotten the brow filler. Or maybe it was also done on purpose. Was there a memo I didn't get? Is this what we do now? I'll pass, though.

On the other hand here's Nicole Richie at the same event showing the world how to wear a bold(ish) eye shadow. She's gorgeous and this shade brings out her eye color. Redemption is a very beautiful thing.

Photos: Dlisted


  1. I am with you. But then again you are talking to someone that does her brows even to the gym!

  2. eeww Christina looks way too orange, and Kim usually has killer eyebrows, but she prob did them herself, since i've seen her make-up artists are always filling them in, Nicole looks the best

  3. Nicole has been looking lovely lately. She seems more relaxed and comfortable in her skin so to speak. The result is a woman who appears confident and beautiful. Christina and Kim, on the other hand, are just trying too hard with exaggerated looks that miss the mark.

  4. Eeeyuck. Nice find. As I was scrolling down I was convinced you were going to be talking about Christina's orange face. But those brows! Yikes! How many beauty wrongs can you fit on one face!?


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