Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bad Makeup At 'Conviction' Premiere

There were a couple of very questionable looks at the Conviction Los Angeles premiere last night. I'm all for blue and turquoise eyeliners, but one should know how to use them. Hilary Swank might be wearing Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Paladium, which I quite like. In moderation. Whoever did Hilary's makeup used so much color there (most likely to match her dress and clutch) it's actually overpowering her eyes. And also forgot to blend.

Then we have Juliette Lewis in bizarre pink. I don't really think of Juliette as a pink person, and that lip gloss is just hideous on her. It might be an ironic look, I can't tell. It makes Juliette look like a cartoon version of herself.

I love Minnie Driver and almost like her look here. I wish she had more color on her lips, though. There's something a little dead there that washes her out. But she possesses a natural elegance that makes just about anything look better.

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  1. I don't care for the lipstick on Juliette, but the dress is lovely!

  2. Oh my! I love Hilary's dress but her eyes overpower the whole outfit. Her makeup artist needs to get the boot stat! It's just.....wrong. I agree with your assessment on the lips on both Juliette and Minnie, but Minnie still looks classy.

  3. Juliette's dress is, indeed, lovely except it looks like it's ready to fall off her nipples! It doesn't fit.

    Hilary has a strong almost masculine look about her; so that pastel make-up look just isn't working. And what's with these MA's who don't know how to blend?!

    Minnie looks lovely. She could do with a bit more color on her lips, but other than that, her hair, make-up, and dress suit her beautifully.


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