Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don't know- maybe it's just me having unresolved issues- but even Alexis Bledel and Christina Ricci can't make me think these bangs are a good idea. Bring back the foreheads.

Photo of Christina Ricci from last month at her Broadway premier of Time Stands Still-
Photo of Alexis Bledel at the Bronx Success Academy Benefit last weekend- Just Jared


  1. I actually like Christina's hairdo quite a bit, but then I've worn bangs in one form or another all my life and firmly believe that some people just look much better with a bit of hair on their foreheads. I don't care much, though, for Alexis' bangs. They look rather childish, as if mom got to them with the household scissors.

  2. God, NO! Christina Ricci's forehead gives me nightmares!

  3. Finally, thank you Gaia for seeing that not bangs are a bad idea.. I don't like them, I never have! They should be banned, like the bowl-cut.

    Christina Ricci was adorable in Penelope and Sleepy Hollow and neither time did she have bangs!


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