Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Changing Looks Of Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is stunning even when I don't like her makeup. Above is the ultra smoky eye look she wore for the premier of her new movie “Let Me In” during the 2010 Abu Dhabi Film Festival last week. Here are two better ones- earlier this month at the opening night of “Freckleface Strawberry The Musical” in NYC and on the cover of Allure magazine's November issue.

Photos: Just Jared and


  1. I love her. I think she always looks good and can't believe she's nearly 50!

  2. Usually, I love her looks, but I think the smokey eye has got to go.
    I think a lip-focused look is more flattering to her, and is more age-appropriate. I get eye-rolls when I mention this, but when it comes to makeup and clothing. there is something to be said for restraint.

  3. Not one of my favourites, but she has a certain appeal. I agree with Elizabeth: a lip-focused look is best for Julianne.

  4. She is lovely. I suspect the smokey eye was to balance out the lace dress with the high collar and long sleeves (she was in Abu Dhabi which encourages (I'm not sure about 'requires' so we'll stick with 'encourages' :-) modest dress for women. I find her regular YFBB look to be more appealing but can understand why she went with this look.


  5. Wow ! I rarely like smokey eyes - but in fact, I very much like it on her !

  6. Oh. Usually I think she is very pretty but I don't like the combo dark eye with the high necked dress. The look is just a bit odd.

  7. I don't think this is her best dress choice (so many more flattering colors and with the lace and the collar and the sleeves and the's all a bit much - can you imagine this same basic style in a vivid green? Or a deep eggplant? WOW!) I don't know if color is an issue in Abu Dhabi (never been there) but she could've rocked something dark and rich with her smoky eye and her pale skin.

  8. Julianne Moore is always stunning. I absolutely love the smoky eye look, and I think it's the best of the 3 looks presented here...definitely better than the heavily airbrushed Allure cover.

    Not so crazy about the high neckline with the smoky eye, though.

  9. I love the smoky eye look on her. Is there any look JM can't sport?!

    What is her natural hair color, anyone know? I love her hair color so much in photo #2 and it looks fairly real, but it can't be real, can it?! :-)


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