Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rosario Dawson In Stella McCartney

Even Rosario Dawson can't win with this fabric. I don't know why Stella McCartney insists on using this kind of satin, because the only hope of not looking like a wrinkled mess is if you have an assistant following you at all times with a steam iron while you avoid sitting, walking and preferably also breathing.

Rosario is otherwise beautiful and the color is perfect on her. It goes well with her jewelry and flawless makeup, and I admit the top of the dress is pretty and offers just enough drama to not look boring without stealing the show.  I just wish she'd have chosen a designer with a better grasp on reality.

Photos of Rosario Dawson at the Los Angeles premier of Unstoppable: Just Jared


  1. That's such a beautiful color on her. She positively glows. It's really a shame about the fabric, though. I don't know why the garment industry does that. I've passed on a dress or blouse on more than one occasion because I knew the fabric would never survive the car ride.

  2. Her makeup is flawless but the dress reminds me of something I would put on my Barbie. I agree with Eileen though, she can pull off the color.


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