Monday, December 13, 2010

Four Non-Blondes

December brings many Hollywood events so we get to see more than just the usual suspects on the red carpet. Here are some beautiful fresh faces, some more familiar than others. Some of their fashion choices are more questionable than others, but I can live with them- give me real actresses any time, just not godawful reality TV housewives.

It's great to see Summer Glau (above) again. I can't remember what she's done since Firefly/Serenity (loved her there), but she has a new series coming out, The Cape, on NBC. I dearly hope it's not a flop. Summer is more beautiful than ever (photographed at the Tron premier), even if I think her nude Louboutin pumps are the wrong choice here.

Next we have Camilla Belle at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards. Camilla is wearing a Kimberly Ovitz dress and showing the world how to wear a messy updo. There's something very glamorous about her, so let's wish adequate roles will follow.

More from the Hollywood Style Awards: Krysten Ritter (Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, among other roles) is  another beautiful non-blonde. I'm not crazy about her Alberta Ferreti dress, but floral gown often go awry on the red carpet. It might have looked better in person. Still, she has an interesting presence and is worth following.

In the "what was she thinking?" department we have Lea Michele, still at the 2010 Hollywood Style Award. Between the bangs and the dress, there's no redeeming points here. Beautiful and talented Lea deserves much better- did she hire Sue Silvester as her stylist?

All photos: Just Jared


  1. Love your blog, been reading everyday for the past few weeks! thing is - i'm a blonde! hope thats ok! although we do seem to like the same colours - i usually stick to berry and taupe colours!

  2. Summer was in Season 2 of Dollhouse by Josh Whedon. If you've started Dollhouse but given up on it, give it a second chance--it gets better and better.

    Granted, she looks gorgeous here (she's a sexy/nerdy science geek in Dollhouse).

  3. Such beauties! Especially Camilla and Summer. I can do without Lea Michelle though, everything about her right now feels over-the-top. Those eyelashes have got to go, and I agree about the bangs. She looks older than she is, since she's trying to look so much younger than she is.

  4. After Firefly Summer acted in The Sarah Conner Terminator Chronicles as Sarah and her sons protector terminator. It;s pretty awesome to see the delicate dancer/ actress in a role where her character throws big muscular guys around like nothing. Her poor stunt double/s.

  5. Summer is gorgeous, not sure I'm digging the klunky winged e/l though, it distracts from her natural eye shape.

    Camilla always looks fantastic.

    Refreshing to not see a group of smokey eyes and creamy-nude l/s on the brunettes.

  6. Summer and Camilla just need to exchange shoes, otherwise everyone looks lovely. Even Lea is still young and beautiful enough to get away with the qustionsable hair (although IMHO she could have done better for herself).


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