Thursday, December 02, 2010

Jared Leto Takes Matchy-Matchy To New Heights

Last month we explored the possible return of the matchy-matchy style, and some of the examples weren't half bad. Now we have Jared Leto, our collective 1990s fantasy, taking it a step further with his blue hair. The only reason he might be able to get away with this look is the matching eyes.

Photo: Dlisted


  1. So tell me, Jared, what's your favorite color?

  2. He is an odd little duck. He's one of those guys who are beautiful and seem hell-bent on uglying themselves up. [Some other examples are Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves.] I mean, what's the point?!

  3. He is a silly, silly man. And his band sucks. So there.

  4. I actually think the hair looks good on him. It's not just flat color, but has some variation to it and does pick up his eyes. I also like the hair with the grey clothing. That said, the hair matched to the shoes and, horrors, the baggage, is awful!

  5. What a dreadful image.


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