Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kate Winslet & Michelle Williams- Blonde & blonder

There's something about this photo of Michelle Williams and Kate Williams at the Blue Valentine premiere earlier this week. Both of them are not only beautiful but also have so much expression in their faces and eyes. Still, I'm not sure how I feel about Michelle's platinum blond shade- doesn't it make her look older than she is (Kate Winslet is 35 while Michelle Williams is 30)?

Photo: Just Jared


  1. Michelle looks like Ellen Burstyn here. No bad thing, but yes, it's slightly ageing on her.

  2. I'd have to agree, very aging. She reminds me of some older women who keep dyeing their white hair blond. It looks like it needs a break from the coloring to get healthy again. They are both lovely ladies, just some tweaks here and there are needed to make them even better.

  3. They're both gorgeous, but I have to agree that Michelle looks much older than she is with that hair color.

  4. Maybe Michelle's colour is a left over from her role as Marilyn Monroe. I think it is quite a harsh look for her.


  5. I agree with the "looking older" concept. And, to me, the lip colors are not very flattering - - and plain old black clothing - - -I was taken aback even before I read your post.

  6. I think Kate W keeps getting more gorgeous with age. She doesn't even look 35 to me.

    Michelle's hair is too blonde, in a white/platinum/not-complimentary way.


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