Monday, December 20, 2010

Paris Hilton Wears Chanel In Madrid

I usually try to avoid thinking about Paris Hilton. There are all the obvious reasons, of course, but truth is that I just can't figure her out. I always say that her success says a lot more about us as consumers than about her. Every time I think "well, this woman has after all successfully branded herself into a real business, she can't really be all that_________  (insert adjective of your choice)", I hear her speak and frighteningly myopic and inarticulate. So I ignore her.

I just stumbled upon a bunch of Paris Hilton's photos from last week in Madrid, where she was promoting something or other and noticed how she's starting to look like a cartoon version of herself and it isn't pretty. I dislike stripper-chic and I don't think this look is doing Paris any favors. She's only 29 but the lifestyle seems to be catching up with her. There's no amount of tasteless Chanel accessories that can hide it.

And a note to Uncle Karl: Stop diluting the brand. Please.

Photos: Getty Images Europe


  1. I was looking at the pictures thinking: those Chanel accessories are lost on her. After reading and seeing your "no amount of tasteless Chanel accessories that can hide it." I realized, I am not alone.

    Could it be that everything she does is an act? And somewhere deep down under the tacky clothes, big accessories and stupid baby voice that she is actually a smart normal person? I'm probably mistaken.

  2. I really love the leopard coat, but I must say, I would not accessorize like she did. At all.

  3. I don't find her really pretty but we all talk about her. Maybe she gives herself a hand with what she wears.

  4. I just saw your interview on, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. Congratulations on a nice interview and your wonderful blog.

    Katie for Ouidad

  5. If I had the kind of economical resources she must have at my disposal, I would never have roots showing. Ever. Although I would never dye my hair that particular pale yellow shade either, come to think of it - I will not call that blonde.

  6. Oh, she is such trash. And I don't think it's an act. If she were that savvy she'd have switched it up by now. Also - is it just me, or do her boobs get bigger & bigger every time I see her?

  7. Her sister Nicky seems to be able to keep a fairly low profile and must have gotten what little class there was in my family.


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