Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What To Wear For a Lunch At The Plaza?

Definitely not Katie Holmes' pants.Seriously, what's with this outfit?

Photo of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri out for lunch at the Plaza Hotel in NYC on Monday this week from Faded Youth Blog.


  1. Kate's pants look like they're made out of cheap polyester & the cut is so unflattering. (If they don't look good on someone as tall & skinny as Kate Holmes, who would they look good on???) Not to leave the hubby out of it, Tom Cruise isn't dressed appropriately for a lunch at the Plaza either. Work boots fit for a construction worker and a distressed leather jacket that's seen better days? It's hard to tell from the pic but Suri might just be the best-dressed one of the bunch!

  2. I'm pretty sure that Suri (uh, totally unintentional but kinda cool) is not hiding from the papparazzi... she's averting her innocent eyes from both her parents' sartorial mess.

  3. I know she's trying to create a persona about herself of fashion icon, but it is sooooooo not working.

  4. Money and fame get you wherever you want to go. If my husband approached the Plaza dressed like Tom, they'd be ushering him back out the door, pronto! Katie's pants are hideous but no one cares because of who she is.

  5. Katie Holmes and pants never seems to quite work out, have you noticed?

    Whatever happened to people dressing up for lunch at the Plaza? They don't have to be in hat and gloves but c'mon - can't you comb your hair?


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