Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Elysium Gala- Bad Things Happened To Some Beautiful People

These are just three of the inexplicable fashion disasters from the Art of Elysium charity gala in Los Angeles (January 15th). From Rachel Griffiths' unfortunate Pete Burns 1980s hair to Leighton Meester and her mother of the Bar Mitzvah runs away with the circus dress. Then there's poor Jennifer Love Hewitt who at this  point can be declared as a walking taste problem. What's gotten into these people?

Photos: Dlisted


  1. Oh la la! I didn't recognize Meester--that dress disguises the beauty that she otherwise shows. Well, her makeup looks good. Thanks for these posts--I always enjoy them! I hope you get a chance to do a few from the Golden Globes-I love your fashion take! :)

  2. Rachel Griffiths and Jennifer Love Hewitts are horrible but I like Leighton Meester's outfit (apart from the bag) and really like the wavy hair.

  3. My only issue with Meester is that she needs to be about half a foot taller to have worn that runway sample. She's drowning in beaded fringe.

    No idea what JLH was thinking.

  4. Why would you wear your comforter wrapped around your waist (ehem, Jennifer)? Maybe I'm too picky.


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