Monday, January 31, 2011

Dianna Agron SAG Awards 2011

Here's how you know a makeup look is wrong: when a woman doesn't look like herself. Here's Dianna Agron last night at the SAG Awards. I didn't recognize her at all and have a feeling her own mother wouldn't, either. Dianna is a beautiful young woman with strong facial features. She has nice high cheekbones and a well-defined chin. I have no idea where it's all gone or why.

For comparison, above are other red carpet photos of Dianna from the last year. I purposely avoided "natural makeup" looks, so you can see it's not a matter of statement makeup versus a demure one. It's just that whoever did Dianna Agron's makeup seems to have had a misguided idea to conceal and soften her look within an inch of her life, thus taking away everything that makes her unique.


Photos: Just Jared,


  1. Perhaps it's more about her hair than her makeup? The curtain-bangs seem too heavy for her face.

  2. having never seen her (to my knowledge), all i wanted to know was what eye shadows she was wearing - i really, really like the eye makeup. liked winona's eye makeup, too. wish someone would tell me which shadow colors they both wore. always looking for flattering colors for brown eyes.


  3. Her smokey eye (top photo) is very sexy but a bit too similar to everyone else. She's absolutely gorgeous and even green blush couldn't make her look bad. I agree with Barbara that the bangs aren't doing her structure any favors.


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