Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes 2011- Live Blogging The Red Carpet

Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think she's a lost cause . Her prom dress is, too:

It looks like E! found the cure for Giuliana Rancic's awkward red carpet behavior. They brought Kelly Osbourne to make Giuliana sound eloquent.

Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan is gorgeous. Green! A real color in a sea of nude nothings.

Something I love: vintage-inspired hairdos. Sarah Hyland, Natalie Portman. Even Giuliana.  Not so sure about  the ponytails, especially those made of hair extensions.

Tina Fey looks gorgeous from the shoulders up. The hair, the makeup, she's lovely. But her inability to choose a stylish dress has become legendary.

Love love love Julie Bowen. Hate the hair.

Christina Hendricks is being swallowed alive by her dress. Her hair is not helping the matter.

And here is Bellatrix Lestrange.  the hair is the one (barely) tolerable thing about Helena Bonham Carter.

Red lipstick, at last. Natalie Portman is perfect, her Viktor & Rolf dress is gorgeous and infinitely more interesting than just about everything I've seen tonight, but we knew she would be.

Speaking of lipstick, Eva Longoria should really do away with the too beige lip color. It doesn't look "nude", it looks unhealthy.

Color! Beautiful color! Catherine Zeta Jones, Sophia Vergara and Julianne Moore (an iron would have helped, though) . I love all the green on the red carpet, even if Angelina annoys me to no end. At least it's not black.

Heidi Klum's Marc Jacobs dress might not say "red carpet", but I still love it (and her). There's something almost mod about the print, and when you're Heidi Klum you can make everything work. The proof:

It looks like Halle Berry is trying too hard. The result: she's in her undergarment. And speaking of trying too hard: January Jones. She's so beautiful and glamorous, but Donatella Versace is not an authority on what's sexy. I'm sorry.

Anne Hathaway is amazing. True Hollywood glamor in Armani.

Photos: Faded Youth Blog, Just Jared


  1. Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress didn't look completely bad in the photo (I'll just say I hate white dresses, particularly wedding looking ones) but I just saw it on the carpet with a bit of a breeze and boy does the top flap about. Could choose better!

  2. Nope, I'll respectfully disagree and say Heidi could do far better. She looks so lovely but her dress is swallowing her body. Quite a back on Anne's dress, I'd pass on the shoulder pads though. She was funny on the carpet, she said they were for extra storage!

  3. Honestly, i really like that Helena is crazy. Nowadays the vast majority looked like the same over primped high school prom goer. I like the hit of crazy. It kind of makes me yearn for Cher and crazy Bob Mackie headresses.

  4. January Jones looks downright vulgar in that dress. Indeed she is trying too hard.

  5. Here's another vote in favor of the "crazies". :) They make it interesting.

  6. I'd say yes in support of Helena, she is quirky (ahem, very) but I don't think she takes herself too seriously. And I like that she doesn't seem to botox herself half to death either. I do remember Cher's Bob Mackie days, it brings a bit of fun to the carpet.
    Janet Jones and Christina Aguilera? There's just no words to describe the level of tacky...... With Janet's hair and makeup, she would look stunning in a Valentino gown.

  7. Oops, I meant January Jones... :)


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