Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iman Brings The Ugly Pants Back

Everyone seems to be in agreement about 2010 being the year of the ugly pants. Looking at Iman and the pants she wore on Monday for her visit to Sirius XM's Martha Stewart Living Radio makes me worried we're in for more saggy crotches and odd lengths. I wonder what Iman would have said to a designer on her show had she or he botched a model's figure this way. I doubt she'd be amused. On the other hand, I like her Chris Benz jacket and necklace and her makeup looks pretty (a root touch-up is in order, though).

Speaking of Iman and Isaac Mizrahi's Fashion Show, Isaac is painfully not Tim Gunn, but I can just stare at Iman and ignore him. I wish the show didn't look at times so low budget. Do you watch The Fashion Show? What do you think about it?

Photos: Mike Coppola for Getty Image via Zimbio


  1. Wow, those pants ARE hideous. If they don't look good on her, they won't look good on anyone.

  2. Oh, Dear God - those are butt-ugly pants! Still, I'm interested in the rationale behind them...

  3. I watched The Fashion Show for Iman and Isaac. I will say that Isaac is much more entertaining to watch when he does his shows on QVC. Iman is a goddess, and strangely, addicted to Twitter. When she says "Holla, bu", you know I'm listening.

  4. Yes, those pants are a Fashion Tragedy. Just because she's Iman doesn't mean she can get away with ugly pants.

    I think I watched the Fashion Show because I missed PR on Bravo channel. I was pleasantly suprised by the outcome. I only watched this season because I have always been fascinated by Iman.

    I still miss the glory days of Project Runway and not having to see an annoying preview for some lame Lifetime movie...I am apologizing if I have offended any Lifetime fans reading. I can't hold back my feelings!


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