Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rachel McAdams At Morning Glory UK Premiere

This is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. Maybe with the fact that while Harrison Ford gets to snuggly protect himself from London weather (it's about 37°F there tonight), Rachel McAdams has to show some serious skin to promote their movie Morning Glory. Then there's the Suno Spring 2011 dress that no amount of side boob can make it look particularly flattering. And I don't think the purple satin platforms go with it too well. The entire look makes me cringe. And cold.

Photos: Faded Youth Blog


  1. Ugh! This dress is horrific! And I agree, the shoes are wrong with it too, no matter how cute they are alone.

    Someone give her some spare material and pins so she can sort herself out before she comes back out the theatre...

    It's bloody freezing over here!

  2. I think the dress would be cute if it had sides. And you're right, the shoes don't go.

  3. I love those shoes, but the rest? egads! She kind of looks terrified or maybe she's just mortified at having that dress hung on her. Poor soul, walking around like that in the cold.

  4. I'm cold just looking at her. I never like those dresses that are just strips of material over the boobage, even in warmer weather. They always look to me like the designer couldn't be bothered to do proper tailoring.

  5. I saw her cover pic in today's Metro newspaper and she did look rather pale as though she was cold. I like Rachel McAdams but this dress isn't quite right. Agree the shoes don't go either.

  6. The girl in me with a crush for Harrison Ford kinda wishes he'd used that scarf to shield us from the most horrifying parts of her dress, under the guise of being gentlemanly and protecting her from the cold.

  7. Yes, this IS completely wrong on so many levels. She looks like a twelve year old playing dress up. Glad to discover your blog.

  8. Oh my it looks awful. I love her style usually! x

  9. Poor girl, I hope she didn't have to walk. Or raise her arms. Or breathe. Or move in any way.

    Maybe this was actually one of those jumpers you wear a blouse under, and she misunderstood?


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