Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Signs Of The Apocalypse

There are already two signs of an upcoming apocalypse:

1. Justin Bieber on the cover of Vanity Fair.
2. Snooki published a novel.

Any ideas on what's coming next?


  1. Oh Lord. Snooki is the Apocalypse. Her Youtube videos kill me.

  2. I have to agree with Spike . . . I don't think it can get any worse. Unless Snooki also puts out a perfume. Ick.

    - Kel

  3. Ahhh... I bet she's wearing Beyond Paradise in this photo.

  4. Oh say it ain't so!! She already gives Jersey the most horrid reputation AND she's not even from New Jersey, and now she's "written" a book so people will be handing her even MORE money just for being trashy?? Awful.

    xo www.RavingFashionista.com

  5. 1000 birds falling out of the sky can't be wrong...

  6. Snooki writing a book violates my husband's rule for all authors: in order to write a book, you must first read one.

  7. Your pics of Snooki & Sienna Miller (w/ Jude Law) raise another issue-their tanned/sun-damaged skin has aged them A LOT. In Snooki's case, the horrible tan, coupled w/ the dated hair style & spackled on makeup makes her look at least 30-35. (Isn't she in her early 20's???)

  8. no wonder birds are falling from the sky...

  9. Well, as the mum of a devoted 15yr old Bieber fan, I have to say I'm ok with him. He is a phenom, and he sings about sweet things. Dates, schoolyard, smiling, and "liking". No "ho's in the club shakin' it"...my daughter can sing along and swoon over JB anytime :)

    Snooki....oy. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. And Marina, that is hilarious! LOL!

  10. This book is going will make it on the NY Times bestseller list.


  11. Lady Gaga wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

  12. Rumors that Snooki will launch a perfume, makeup line, and home goods line.
    It's the apocalypse!!!


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